Amazon was one of the first nursing necklaces we designed, back in 2013. The beads are hand crocheted over wooden beads, so a lot of love goes into these nursing necklaces!


To choose your beads, take a look at the colour chart, then input the correct letter/number code in the space below. The order you enter the colours in, will be the order they appear on your necklace. Use the letter/number names, or the colour names below:


A1: White

A2: Light Brown

A3: Medium Brown

A4: Grey

A5: Dark Grey

B1: Cream

B2: Black

B3: Red

B4: Dark Red

B5: Orange

C1: Bright Purple

C2: Light Pink

C3: Medium Pink

C4: Dark Pink

C5: Coral

D1: Lilac

D2: Purple

D3: Royal Purple

D4: Navy Blue

D5: Yellow

E1: Bright Turquoise

E2: Light Blue

E3: Denim Blue

E4: Turquoise

E5: Royal Blue

F1: Striped Green

F2: Apple Green

F3: Salad Green

F4: Mint

F5: Emerald

G1: Striped Blue

G2: Striped Pastels

G3: Striped Purple

G4: Striped Lilac

G5: Striped Pink

H1: Striped Black

H2: Striped Brown

H3: Striped Orange

H4: Striped Yellow

H5: Striped Red

Amazon 6 Beads - Create Your Own

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