Here you will find our HUGE range of nursing and teething necklaces. Click for more information or to view more of a particular style.

Crochet Range
These crochet beads are individually crocheted by hand, around a small round wooden bead, so a whole lot of love has gone into each and every bead! These are perfect for tots who like to 'twiddle' and fiddle as the beads spin around and have an interesting texture to them, to keep the interest of little ones.
Chewy Range
These necklaces use silicone beads, that have a slight 'give', aiding teething and giving chompers something to chomp on. The beads are food safe, BPA/PVC/Phthalate free and can be easily cleaned. The silicone is the same that is used for high street teethers, bottle teats and dummies. There are plenty of styles to choose from and we can are always happy to create a bespoke design for our customers.
Juniper Range
The carpathian juniper wood has a beautiful aroma, adding another sensory experience to these nursing necklaces. There are many designs, some being quite subtle, so you can get away with wearing it even if you baby is not with you!
Create Your Own
Can't decide? Use these templates to create your own design, choosing from the many coloured beads available. If none of these templates are quite to your taste, send us a message using the 'contact' page at the bottom of the website or via our Facebook page.
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