Here comes 2017…

I managed to take a short break over Christmas, which is something I haven’t done before, with the business. It has left me feeling refreshed, re-energised, and excited to start 2017 with some new ideas! Taking a few weeks off from the 19th December until the New Year wasn’t a decision made lightly, but having […]

Balancing WAHM Life!

Balancing WAHM Life! Possibly the most tiring aspect of being a ‘Work at Home Mum’ (WAHM) is the daily balance between work, children, husband, house, and finding time for yourself. I like to think that I put the children first all the time, but with an extremely demanding 4 year old ‘screamer’, and a nudist toddler […]

Review from ‘Can I Breastfeed In It?’ Blog by Natalie

Natalie Halman has very kindly reviewed three of our designs! Have a read and see what she thought.   Don’t forget to visit CIBII on Facebook, and have a look at the rest of their Blog!

Collaborating with Firespiral Slings

Have a read of Firespiral’s blog – we have written a little segment of her article all about babywearing and fiddly fingers! Click the Firespiral Blog logo below to go directly to the article.  

Here we go…

Brand new site, brand new products, brand new outlook! Upon opening my website to begin processing orders from the previous evening, I was suddenly shocked/infuriated/about to lose my mind when I realised my website had disappeared into the big black hole of the internet! Calls to tech guys, server owners, web hosts, the lot. Three […]