The Story


Coastal Path Creations was founded in July 2013, following my eldest daughter’s first birthday. A few months earlier, my daughter Madison, had developed and mastered what I like to call the ‘scratch, pinch and twist’ manoeuvre whilst feeding. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least! The only thing that would keep her attention focused during feeds was my very nice silver necklace, which I didn’t really want her playing with, so I decided to make my own nursing necklace. After making some for friends too, I started researching, designing and developing my own range, and the rest is history! Running Coastal Path Creations allows me to work and look after my children – a win-win situation for me!

Now, I have two wonderful daughters and a lovely business to run. I love it – as with anything, it is all about finding that balance! I am always happy to help others who want to start their own businesses from home, so feel free to contact me for a chat!


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