Can I let my baby play with my necklace if I am not wearing it?

No. All of the necklaces we make are designed as items of jewellery for adults. They are not toys and must not be left with children and babies unattended due to the risk of strangulation. They must only be interacted with whilst being worn by an adult. This also means that babies are not to wear the jewellery. The parts are all suitable for chewing and handling, unless stated otherwise (our Breastfeeding Bracelets, baltic amber jewellery and keyrings.)


Do you make custom designs?

We do! Please contact us using the contact form on this website, or through our Facebook page. There are a limited number of custom slots available each week and each custom order will be priced individually, according to materials, design and time.


Where do you ship to?

Nearly everywhere! Excluding the USA and Canada. Unfortunately that is out of our control due to insurance.


Where can I buy?

Take your pick! You can buy direct from the online shop on this website, through our Etsy shop, or by sending me a message on our Facebook page. Stock content may differ slightly between the website and the Etsy shop.


How much is postage?

Please see our ‘Postage and Deliveries‘ page for more information.


Is there a chart that I can choose colours from?

Yes! The colours can be viewed here. Please contact me to enquire about custom designs and pricing.


Are the materials safe?

All materials used for the nursing and teething necklaces are non-toxic and safe to chew. They are tested to comply with EN71-3. The hand-crocheted beads are made using 100% cotton cord, and we only use untreated wooden beads. The silicone material I use is BPA/PVC free, and is also free from phthalates. It is the same material used in silicone teething toys and bottle teats. The ‘chewy’ necklaces have a breakaway clasp which is not designed to be chewed. Please see our ‘About Our Products‘ page for more information.


Why don’t you make gummy necklaces with beads strung along the whole length of the necklace?

I have had a few enquiries about why my designs don’t feature beads all the way up each side of the necklace. The reason is because silicone, hair and babies who like to fiddle, don’t go together well! Imagine dragging a silicone whisk through your hair… However, I am more than happy to create a custom design with beads along the entire length of the cord if requested.


Please contact us if you have any further questions.